Vintage Piggy Bank - Pink

$20.00 USD


Product Description

This adorable Piggy Bank figurine would make a beautiful addition to any child’s bedroom dresser or bookshelf. He is glazed in pink under glaze with a high gloss clear glaze.

This is a traditional piggy bank; no hole in the belly. You can break it to get the money out or use a knife to slide coins back out. He has a raised coin slot for easy coin additions and removal.

Dimensions: 4” tall x 5.5” long x 3.5” wide.

I poured it using a 70's vintage mold and fired the green ware in the kiln to cone 04 to turn it to bisque. I then glazed it and fired again to cone 06 to make the glaze turn to glass.

Remember: This is Made-To-Order in any color. It can be modified with a rubber stopper in the belly for easy coin removal. It would take about one week to make one; just contact me with your request. I can post an order "Reserved for You" with your specifications for ease of ordering.

Vintage Piggy Bank - Pink Vintage Piggy Bank - Pink Vintage Piggy Bank - Pink Vintage Piggy Bank - Pink

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